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Poker Power: Young Agents Council (YAC)
Sponsoring Women’s Virtual Poker Tournament

What can a group of smart women in the insurance industry learn from poker?


Poker and insurance go really well together as a solution to stack your skills and accelerate your success.

At the poker table, you have to prudently manage risk, work with imperfect information, and enter into positive expected value decisions to help your clients navigate the insurance ecosystems.

Why Poker?
Poker teaches you how to bet on yourself.

Critical thinking becomes second nature. You’ll not only learn how to tell a story but how to assess others’ motivations. Take calculated risks with imperfect information. Size up the cards you’ve been dealt and read your opponents, then respond with confidence. Poker teaches you to make strategic decisions around money by giving you the edge to assess how and when to maximize your value or cut your losses. The poker table is where deals are made, where friendships are forged, where winners take all but share the wealth.

How Can I Learn?
Don’t Lean In. Go All In.

Poker Power teaches poker to women in the workforce and gives them the skills to succeed in business and life. Our corporate community includes J.P. Morgan, Stripe, Comcast, VISA, Morningstar, WIPFLI & Northwestern Kellogg School of Management–just to name a few. Join the movement and see how big one little card game can be.

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Register for one of the following virtual events in preparation for the PEAK6 InsurTech and Poker Power first in-person women’s only poker tournament in support of Folds of Honor at the 2022 FAIA Convention.

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Every round of betting is a negotiation. We need to agree on a price to see the next card. By observing these betting patterns we gain information on our opponents that can be used to maximize our profits.


We practice making difficult, pressured determinations under conditions of uncertainty. By analyzing all the information, and eliminating biases we come to a logical decision.


Every time we make a decision in poker it is a risk, by using the math and knowing our odds, we will always come out on top in the long term.


The numbers never lie, and you can use them to make decisions. Learn to understand what hands set you up for success, and confidently fold the rest.


By betting and raising we push ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone. Our actions serve as our voice. By putting pressure on, we can take advantage of our opponents bad decisions while minimizing our risk.


By analyzing our opponents actions and patterns we begin to understand their motivations. We’re looking for signs of weakness, but we also need to recognize signs of strength.

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