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Welcome to Taurus Flood

We are a leading provider of flood insurance solutions in the US. We power the best customer experiences in flood to provide our clients, their agents and customers with the tools and services they need to make flood insurance simple.

Why Taurus Flood?

Floods are devastating and the risks are complex. Customer needs are different across states, cities or even individual streets. Coupled with a changing climate and extreme weather becoming the norm, the insurance process is complicated for agents and customers alike. Technology to date has failed to make it simple. That’s where we come in.

An unwavering commitment to customer service

24/7 customer support
12 second average speed of answer
93% overall customer satisfaction

Unparalleled and specialized expertise

13 years average tenure
95% ANFI certified
98.5% FEMA accuracy rating

Proven industry leader

37 years of industry experience
15 years average leadership tenure
20+ insurance clients

Simplicity In Flood Insurance

NFS Single Platform for Flood Insurance

A Single Platform

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A Modern Approach

data driven efficiency graphs

Data Driven Efficiency

Now there’s one more reason to work with us.

Taurus Flood provides an end-to-end tech platform that lets you handle everything from quoting and application to issuing, payment, servicing and endorsements, to claims and renewals. Delivering simplicity in writing and servicing flood insurance.

Taurus Flood built our flood platform with data and insights from decades’ worth of industry experience. Taurus Flood provides you with everything you need to help your customers get protection from the growing threat that floods present – at your fingertips.

What We’re Up Against

Flooding is the most common and costly natural disaster we face in the United States. Every year, flooding causes more damage than fires – an average of $2.4 billion annually. Yet we’re not prepared:

  • Flood damage is not covered under standard homeowners insurance policies

  • Only about 15 percent of homeowners have it

  • Experts believe flood events will only increase in frequency and severity.

At Taurus Flood, our mission is to make a difference in people’s lives by reducing the devastating emotional and financial impact flooding has on our communities. We are driven to grow coverage by introducing new ideas, new processes, and new solutions to make flood protection simple.