An Unrivaled Claims Solution

Learn how Taurus Flood’s approach to claims management
outstrips the competition’s

It’s no secret that the value of flood claims has been steadily increasing, making risk management more necessary for your insured than ever.

Our 35 years in flood

has given us time to perfect the art of claims management no other solution has our track record for:

  • Delivering for policyholders and
  • Innovating to constantly improve and simplify the claims process

Our comprehensive claims solution takes the entire claims process off your plate. This is particularly important for agents who sell flood, as there’s a good chance that when your clients are affected by a loss event, you’re affected, too.


Taurus Flood cares for the entire life cycle of a claim, and provides unmatched support to policyholders at all times. We understand that a flood loss is stressful and likely just one of several claims your insured may be dealing with at the same time. We offer:

  • End-to-end management. Policyholders report losses directly to us. We then assign independent adjusters, verify claim values, and issue payouts.
  • A single point of contact. A claim is assigned to a single internal claims expert, who develops a relationship with your insured to efficiently and empathetically shepherd them through the process.
  • Outstanding support. We keep agents in the loop via updates sent through our claims processing system Odyssey, while answering insureds’ tough questions along the way.

CAT Plan

We take disaster preparedness seriously, as evidenced by our Catastrophe (CAT) plan. That’s why we’re never caught off-guard and we always have the resources we need to manage the influx of claims after a catastrophic flood event. We have:

  • 3 to 4 company-wide CAT “dry-runs” per year. Everyone across the firm prepares extensively for these fictitious major flood events, leaving no stone unturned and no possibility not considered.
  • Scalable contingency plans. All drills involve a twist to test business functions, each of which has backup plans in place for real-life surprises.
  • Guaranteed resources. We have “right of first refusal” business agreements with the companies that provide us with resources – including top-tier claims professional and adjustors – so there’s no delay or dilution of quality in our services, even when we have to scale up fast.
  • Detailed weather tracking. We use advanced forecast modeling and tracking as an event or hot spot develops to constantly update our resource and claims estimates.


No one else in flood employs a staff that achieves the level of professionalism of our customer-focused claims experts, many of whom have been in the business for decades. Their credentials are impressive:

  • Most claims experts are state-licensed insurance adjusters. This is not an industry requirement (or even a standard). Extra know-how improves our services.
  • All internal claims experts are licensed in our adjustment software. This speeds up the verification of value estimates and FEMA regulations to get payments to insureds faster.
  • Our relationship with FEMA is unparalleled. Our partnership with FEMA plays a pivotal role in spurring growth, supporting FEMA moonshot objectives, and innovating in tandem to improve the adjustment process.


Don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our most recent accomplishments:

  • Cut the average claims cycle by 20%. As we make improvements via our new claims processing system, Odyssey, we’re planning to get even faster.
  • Handled 120k+ claims and $6 billion+ in payments. And that’s just in the last five years.

Case Study: The 2017 Hurricane Season

In the late summer of 2017, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria ravaged various parts of the United States one after the other, creating an unprecedented challenge for our claims team. But that’s what we train for, and as a result we delivered:

Our response was so far ahead of our competitors that FEMA administrators wrote to commend us on the speed of our setup and the number of advance payments we secured for insureds to aid the recovery process.

Multiple fully operational satellite offices
For Harvey, we took over a floor in a Dallas high-rise and were servicing claims in only two weeks.

60,000+ completed claims
We processed claims from all three storms with our customary personalized end-to-end claims management protocol.

$5 billion+ on behalf of clients & the NFIP

We even facilitated advance payments to many policyholders so they could start rebuilding even faster.

Want this experience for your insureds?