Grow your business with the end-to-end insurance platform that’s defining the future of flood.

NFS is revolutionizing the way agents sell flood insurance. Designed specifically with you in mind using the most advanced tech available, it’s a one-stop shop for all things flood.

With NFS, improved customer service and business growth are just a click away.

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Simplicity: Streamline your business with NFS

Simple Claims Management. Our flood platform is web-based and mobile enabled to give agents and clients access from anywhere.

Simple Agent Dashboard. Navigating among clients and workflows has never been easier.

Simple Instructions. Our intuitive interface is clean and streamlined. Its tutorials mean you always have the support you need.


Speed: Handle busywork instantly

Instant quoting. The NFS platform returns multiple quotes in seconds.

Instant customized reporting. Get the data you need in real time.

Instant search. Simplified search functionality allows you to immediately find client records or policy information.

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Smarts: Focus your effort where it makes a difference

Smart applications. Applications adapt as you type, showing only what you need to see. The result: less data entry, fewer errors, and zero confusion.

Smart policies. Create customized policies for your clients with a few clicks of your mouse.

Smart workflows. Tech-guided workflows prioritize your accounts and queue up the tasks you can tackle first for the biggest impact.

Best-in-class Technology

Flood risk is constantly evolving. That’s why we offer an insurance-processing platform specifically for agents selling flood insurance.

The Tech

  • Fast & reliable, thanks to cloud-based architecture.

  • Adaptable, so we’re always enhancing & improving.

  • Real-time responses & smart assists to make your life easier.

The Process

  • Everything is streamlined, from application & quoting to claims and renewals.

  • Everything is cloud-based, for access anywhere, anytime.

  • No unnecessary steps.

The Data

  • Optimized from more than 35 years of flood data.

  • Data-driven workflows.

  • Proprietary risk and quoting engine.