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National Preparedness Month:

Protect Your Family and Your Property from Disasters


Preparing for a flood includes strengthening your family and your property. Keep in mind, in order to best prepare, policyholders will want to gather the supplies needed to strengthen their structure well ahead of an emergency. We detail useful safety skills and mitigation efforts below:

  • Get flood insurance
  • Know your flood risk
  • Take a household inventory
  • Acquire safety skills – understand how to shut off utilities
  • Elevate and anchor utilities
  • Waterproof you basement
  • Clear debris from gutters
  • Secure or move outdoor furniture


Regardless of the visible effects of the recent flood, you will want to take extreme caution when returning home. There are hidden dangers to keep in mind as you get your life back to normal. During this difficult time, it is important to use safety with the following actions:

  • Begin cleanup and documentation immediately
  • Throw away unsafe food and use safe water
  • Use protective equipment to manage debris
  • Dry out your home to prevent mold
  • Report losses and start a claim