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Supporting your insureds

We are entering flood season in unprecedented times as the Coronavirus creates uncertainty for us all.  NFS’ claims capability is built to operate and serve your insureds in emergency situations.  We have decades of experience delivering for policyholders at times of crisis and in their greatest need.  This year, thanks to the early actions our teams have taken, we enter the season more prepared than ever to serve your insureds, no matter what the upcoming months have in store.

Every year, our claims team applies leading analytics and planning to ensure we can handle the most severe flooding events.  As part of our standard efforts, we:

  • Prepare company-wide CAT plans that guide us in the event of a storm
  • Run detailed analytics on different scenarios to inform our response
  • Monitor and report on local and national weather and flood patterns to detect early warnings
  • Innovate on new ways to identify risk including social media monitoring and the latest flood risk models

This year, amidst the on-going developments with the coronavirus, and to ensure we continue to deliver the highest possible level of service for your insureds, we have also:

  • Prepared, updated and now implemented our preparedness and Business Continuity Plans
  • Performed dry-run testing and verification of all systems and access
  • Confirmed and tested all back-up protocols and escalation procedures
  • Confirmed the readiness of our field relationships such as with field adjusters and engineers

Protecting the health and safety of everyone involved in the claims process is our top priority.  Despite the challenges the coronavirus creates, thanks to our early preparation and implementation of readiness plans, we are uniquely placed to serve your policy-holders and make sure they have a fast, accurate and reliable claims experience.

Your business is critically important to us.  We will continue to engage the necessary resources to maintain our high standards.



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