Life at NFS is rewarding, dynamic, and challenging.  Oh, and we have fun along the way as well!  A collaborative, respectful, and engaging environment are just some of the reasons why we have dedicated team members with an average tenure of 14 years.  The work we do makes a difference in the lives of the people we serve.  We help flood survivors rise above their worst days to restore their lives.

We are a company of innovative thinkers, a place where out-of-the-box ideas are welcomed and nourished. We push ourselves to think differently and welcome those that do.

NFS is filled with people who rise above and make a difference every day. We come together and support each other when things get tough. We have built a can-do culture throughout the organization. No matter the challenge, we find a way to get it done together.

There’s ample opportunity for cross pollinating in the ranks of NFS from department to department. We also use lateral moves and stretch assignments to challenge and continue the professional development of our team members. Our best people try on different roles until they find the perfect one they make a career.

Every single job at NFS matters! We work for a company that cares and recognizes our contributions. We ar.e valued and we are celebrated. We come for a challenging and rewarding work environment. We stay because we know we will never experience a team like this again.

Community involvement is a pillar within our values.

Beyond the difference we make in the lives of people we help protect respond and restore from flood devastation, we also make a difference in the communities we live in by volunteering locally! NFS gives you two days each year to take the time to give back!

A healthy work-life balance increases productivity, reduces absenteeism, and improves physical and mental health. In other words, it is good for business! It’s not always easy to schedule time for you, but it is essential. We offer programs that support a healthy work-life balance as part of our benefits package and work with you to ensure you are well cared for.

Team Member Stories

What do you enjoy most about working in the team you are in?

  • Experience that provides fresh perspective

  • Collaboration that is solution oriented

  • Fast paced environment with positive mindsets

  • Good conflict that drives discussion and goals

  • High level of accountability

  • Diversity

What drives pride for you in
working for NFS?

  • Providing a positive impact on people’s lives

  • Problem solving for customers that results in community engagement

  • Every day is different

  • We’re growing as team that embraces the change together

“I enjoy the teamwork at NFS because everyone is willing to offer support. Our goals are easier to achieve when everyone works together.  It makes us all Superheros with Super Powers”

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