Existing Policies – How to handle renewals

Learn about the flood insurance renewal process.

How Do I Renew A Flood Insurance Policy?

Flood insurance does not renew automatically, so it is very important to pay on time when your insurance company notifies you of the expiration of your insurance. If you’ve received a flood insurance renewal bill from one of the companies listed here, you can pay online at MyFlood.com.

Every year you renew your flood insurance policy, you should receive a copy of the “Flood Insurance Claims Handbook”, “Summary of Coverage” and report that summarizes the history of losses on your property. Additionally, two months after your flood insurance renews, FEMA will send you a letter which explains your flood risk and how this risk might affect your flood insurance premium.

Allowing your policy to lapse can have serious ramifications. If your flood insurance expires for more than 90 days, or twice for any number of days, you may no longer be eligible for the discounted rate you may have got.