NOTICE: We are excited to announce cancellations are now live in the Trident Flood Insurance Processing platform. Please see the cancellations guide on this page to learn more about how to use this feature!

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NFS new quote interface

Speed: fast access to quoting and applications

  • Fast Online Quoting: Return multiple quotes in seconds

  • Risk Analysis: Assess your customer’s property

  • Coverage Options: Customize coverage to meet your customer’s needs

Simplicity: the NFIP, simplified

  • Smart Applications: Minimize data entry to make applications easy

  • Dynamic UI: Returns only the information you need

agent signing into Trident

Power: relaunch your flood program

  • Powerful Workflows: Never miss a step with prioritized actions

  • Agent Dashboard: Organize your flood program to grow your business

  • Instant Search: Instantly find any customer’s details


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Fast Online Quoting

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An array of quoting options to personalize coverage

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Smart applications that optimize the application process

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Powerful, streamlined workflow queues

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Cloud-based for scale, speed and security

Trident Innovation: Built end-to-end with best-in-class technology

Trident three pronged approach technology process and data

Trident was built from the ground up using the latest technology stack. It’s cloud-based for scale and security, and uses modern development techniques such as micro services and Rest APIs for flexibility and reliability. Trident also provides a modern UI that meets current customer needs as well as those of future, tech savvy, self-service customers.

Trident utilizes powerful, streamlined workflow queues to optimize everything from marketing to claim management. Unnecessary and/or confusing steps are eliminated wherever possible.

Data is the key to everything we do. Trident utilizes everything from 3rd party demographic data to historical claim data to optimize marketing, training, processing, compliance and customer experience.