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2906, 2020

6 Ways Technology Is Making Flood Management Better

In recent years, technology advances have streamlined processes throughout the flood management ecosystem. That means more flood insurance providers can help more at-risk Americans protect their homes with a flood insurance plan designed for their individual needs. Here’s a look at how technology has transformed every step of the flood insurance process.

2206, 2020

What DC’s July 2019 Flash Flood Can Teach the Nation About Flood Preparation

In July 2019, nearly four inches of rain fell over Washington, DC, in about an hour. This heavy rainfall, about as much as the area typically sees in an entire month, sparked widespread flash flooding, illustrating how floods can happen at a moment’s notice almost anywhere in the country.

906, 2020

Why Adapting to Climate Change Isn’t as Easy as Leaving the Coasts

Climate change puts millions of Americans at a rising risk of devastating floods, and the question of how best to protect our homes and communities from damage is a complicated one. A recent Scientific American piece outlines a study that claims removing one million homes from flood zones could save $1 trillion over the long term. The report proposes an expansion of government buyout programs in flood-prone areas to mitigate future losses to homeowners, taxpayers, and the government.

806, 2020

5 Things Homeowners Need to Know to Prepare for 2020’s Flood Season

Flood season is upon us. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this flood season promises to be a wet one, with 23 states likely to face moderate to major flooding. Although experts do not anticipate this year’s flooding to be as bad as 2019’s, they predict that 128 million Americans are still at risk of flooding and 1.2 million Americans are at risk for major flooding. These are your customers, and this is what they need to know about flood season 2020.

106, 2020

Americans Under-prepared for Floods, Underestimating Their Exposure

This spring's flood season is forecasted to be worse than average, affecting some 128 million Americans. According to a recent survey we conducted with The Harris Poll, much of that damage is likely to be uninsured. Why? Because most Americans vastly underestimate their exposure to flood damage. Here's a closer look at the disconnect, plus tips on how agents can tap into NFS resources to help Americans be ready when floods hit.

2105, 2020

Michigan, Midland County Flooding

Tuesday, May 19, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a state of emergency for Midland County after two dams (Edenville and Sanford) were breached. Unprecedented flooding, as a result of several days of heavy rainfall, caused the dams to collapse and has displaced thousands of residents of Midland County and neighboring areas.

1805, 2020

CAT Blog

What storm activity can we expect in 2020? On April 2, 2020, the Tropical Meteorology Project Forecast from Colorado State University advised: “We anticipate that the 2020 Atlantic basin hurricane season will have above-normal activity.”  Below is their forecast for Named Storms, Hurricanes, and Major Hurricanes.

1105, 2020

What 35 Years Experience with Flood Insurance Has Taught Us

Floods are becoming more common in the United States. In an age where three-quarters of the country lives paycheck to paycheck, that means most of us are just one bad storm away from disaster.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. At NFS, we’ve dedicated ourselves to expanding flood protection for Americans around the country. Here’s our five-pronged approach for making sure more people who need flood insurance actually have it.

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