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Welcome to your Allstate flood program provided in partnership with National Flood Services, the #1 flood solutions provider in the U.S. and we manage the flood program on behalf of Allstate. Together we’re ushering in a new era of flood insurance: one that is simple, fast, and supported by the most sophisticated tech in flood today.


We are thrilled to introduce you to Trident, our supercharged processing platform that’s ushering in a new era in flood. Trident uses the most advanced tech available to simplify every aspect of flood, making it easier for you to get your customers the coverage they need:

  • Instant quoting: Get multiple quotes in seconds
  • Smart applications: See only fields you need
  • Tech-guided workflows: Ensure you’re doing the most impactful tasks with automated to-do lists
  • Cloud-based claims management: Access critical information anytime, anywhere
  • And so much more.

Trident is a truly comprehensive tech solution to the challenges presented by flood, and we hope you’ll use it to make flood a bigger part of your book.

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The user ID and password is the one you currently use for FloodConnect. If you have any issues using your current FloodConnect login information to access Trident please contact your Trident agent support team at

Enter Phone Number OR Enter Phone Number

Our Trident webinar schedule can be found here Agent Trident Training

Please reach out to Agent Training and Development for all other questions: agentdevelopment@nationalfloodservices.com

Not yet, but they will be! We are rolling out Trident in phases based on the most used features in FloodConnect. That does mean less used items and functionality are not yet available in Trident. You should always start your quote in Trident. If there is a feature that is required to rate your policy, Trident will automatically toggle to FloodConnect. Functions are added daily…watch for what’s new!

We will be providing periodic feature updates via email. If you’d like to opt into our emails, click here.

Please reach out to our Trident agent support team at:

Enter Phone Number OR Enter Phone Number

Yes, all quotes completed in Trident can be found in FloodConnect and vice-versa. Submit for Rate quotes completed in FloodConnect are not currently available for search in Trident.

Yes, all quotes, applications and transactions tied to your agency code will show on your Agent Dashboard accessible on the home screen within Trident.

Please give our Trident Support Team a call at the number above. If they are unable to help you locate the feature it could be that it hasn’t been developed and released yet. We are constantly making changes and updates to the system as we roll-out Trident, but if you’d like to provide feedback on an item you’d like to see, please email us at <Enter Email Address>


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