Levee Invaders


Levee Invaders January 27, 2020 Learn about the rodent Nutria and how they are destroying levees and raising the risk of flood. Return to Library

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Flood Insurance vs. Disaster Assistance


Flood Insurance vs. Disaster Assistance January 27, 2020 Learn about the key differences between flood insurance and disaster assistance and why flood insurance is the better option. Return to Library

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The Changing World of Flood


The Changing World of Flood February 18, 2020 Learn about the changing world of flood and how NFS can help you navigate those choppy waters. Return to Library

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Coverage options – Tailoring coverage


Coverage options - Tailoring coverage Learn about customizing coverage to meet policyholder needs. Return to Library How Much Does It Cost? Flood protection with the government-run National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) starts as low as $15/month. Currently, there are around 60 insurance companies that sell the NFIP flood product. The price is standardized across all insurance companies and is set by the Government. What Factors Will Affect Your Premium? The price you will pay for flood insurance will depend mainly on the following factors: Flood risk zone where your building is located Occupancy [...]

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Claims – My customer needs to make a claim


Claims - My customer needs to make a claim December 20, 2019 Learn about filing a flood insurance claim. Return to Library What to do if your policyholder needs to make a claim Collect your flood insurance policy documents. On the information page, you should find the phone number to call to turn in your claim. If you don’t have flood insurance you should still contact your homeowner’s insurance company to see if they have any endorsements or coverage extensions that might help out. If neither of the above apply, and your area [...]

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