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Caring for our teams during

the Coronavirus pandemic

NFS is built to respond fast, efficiently, and at scale in emergency situations.
This is our core business. This is what we do.
And we’ve been doing it well for more than 35 years.

This is our core business. This is what we do.

And we’ve been doing it well for more than 35 years.

We are built to respond immediately to large scale CAT events such as Harvey or Katrina and we have established processes, workflows, and technology in place to guide us.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, we ramped up 300 staff in a matter of hours. In multiple locations. Remote, in the office, and in partner buildings. We set up a new office in less than 2 days – rent, wiring, security, and equipment. 100% operational and servicing insureds.

We are now implementing many of the same practices to help our colleagues, families, and close ones through this challenging and uncertain period. Care and compassion for our team members is our guiding philosophy, and we are doing everything we can to support them and maintain our high service standards.

Remote working

Currently, like many businesses, we have adopted work from home policies. Over 95% of our employees are working remote.

  • Seamlessly moved to a full remote model in days with no service disruption

  • Meeting schedule: We have adjusted our meeting schedule – we all know children are often generally better in the morning! We have reduced afternoon meetings and moved to morning meetings to increase flexibility and support.

  • We have provided all the equipment to work from home and get employees set up. Internet provisions and using online technology, like zoom and webcams, have been provided to keep everyone involved.

  • Virtual best practices: We have implemented virtual happy hours, coffee with leadership, and daily virtual team huddles to drive engagement while people work remotely.


Our business is real time. We have to be able to respond as such.

  • We have cross-trained teams so that if 1 expert isn’t available, as something in their private life comes up, we have a team of people trained and ready to step in.

  • That coverage model has multiple layers and more than 1 back up for each role.

  • We cross-train between functions. For example, our staff in facilities are cross-trained as back office staff, who in turn are trained and covering our front office colleagues.

  • Team based work: We have 3 layers of coverage support for each team. If one of our in-office staff get sick, we have a back-up team at home who have been safely in quarantine for 14 days, ready to step in. We are ready to replace the whole team if 1 team member gets sick.

Flexible hours

We have implemented a flexible hours working policy for all:

  • Back-office: Team members can work the hours that work best for them in any 24 hour period. They can work night, early morning shifts and or day-time. Whatever suits their needs and their schedule. It is 100% flexible.

  • Call center has implemented Sprint shifts. This means they can work and log hours when they want and however many they want. Team members can take calls for an hour, log off to take care of families, and resume later in the day.

  • For people who have kids at home, we are offering a flexible working week with however many weekly work hours that make sense for them. If they normally work 40 hours but want to work 30, 20, or 10; they can do that with our commitment that their full time job is available once we’re through this period.

  • Staggering shifts: We provide staggered shift options over a 24 hour period, so that different people have options on what works best.

Additional support for families

We are working with families to understand who needs additional support to provide education options at home, such as online courses.

  • If they don’t have equipment such as a laptop, we will provide them with equipment where available.

  • We are partnering with local postal services to provide additional services, like couriers picking up mail and taking it to our offices, to minimize risk of employees out in public.

  • Groceries: We have situations in our regions where more vulnerable groups can run errands in certain exclusive windows reserved for them. We are accommodating colleagues with whatever they need to do in their local community.

We are committed to serving our colleagues with care and compassion to support them through this period and maintain the high service levels we offer to our clients, their agents, and their insureds.

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