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NFS Celebrates 35 Years in Business

Team Member Reflections

We are thrilled to be celebrating our 35th anniversary and sharing this milestone with our team and industry partners. National Flood Services has come a long way to be the flood industry leader we are today. Over the years we have helped thousands of policyholders through catastrophic storm seasons, introduced innovative technology, and created a company that seeks to succeed alongside our partners.

We wanted to share more about where we have come from, what has impacted us, and what we are looking forward to. Who better to share that then some of our most tenured staff! Everyone at NFS plays a pivotal role in delivering exceptional service. That said, the team members you are about to hear from have been supporting our industry for well over 15 years.

Question: Is there a story or event that sticks out to you in your tenure with NFS? Maybe it was something from a particularly active flood season or storm, or a customer experience that left an impression? Maybe it was a holiday party or a company picnic? What makes NFS unique?

Question: What have you seen change the most over the years at NFS? What innovation by NFS has helped you most in providing support to our team and/or customers? What resource or tool do you use most in your day to day?

Question: What are you most excited or hopeful for, for the future of NFS? What is your vision for NFS’ growth in the coming years?

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