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Hurricane Awareness Week:
Your Risk

This week is NOAA’s Hurricane Preparedness Week. Check out their full resources at

Hurricane season is a few weeks away and millions of Americans are vulnerable to the damaging costs that major storms can bring. This year, forecasters are predicting a very active season, driven by high temperatures in the tropics, with some predicting as many as 18 named storms this year.

With NFIP policies taking 30 days to come into effect, now is the time to act to protect those at risk.

5 key things to know about hurricane risks

  • Flooding is the most serious risk from hurricanes and floods kill more Americans than any other type of natural disaster.

  • It’s no longer just on the coasts – increasing development within flood zones in-land is creating greater risk to property-owners potentially unaware of the risks away from the coasts

  • Although Florida and the Gulf Coast experience the most hurricanes, they can strike anywhere along the Atlantic seaboard. Hotspots include Jacksonville, FL, Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC, Wilmington, NC, Norfolk, VA, and even Providence, RI.

  • 97% of hurricanes occur between 1 June and Nov 30

  • 41m Americans are estimated to have a greater than 1% chance of flooding each year

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