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Hurricane Awareness Week:
Develop an Evacuation Plan

97% of hurricanes hit between 1 June and 30 November.  Now is the time to act and get prepared.  Check out the comprehensive advice at

  • Make an emergency evacuation plan for your whole family. And not just at home – any locations you frequently visit such as offices or schools
  • Practice your route. Know where you have to go – hurricanes are unpredictable and you may have to evacuate fast.  Make sure your family knows the route.
  • Be smart with tech – make sure your phone is charged in the event of a storm and make sure your chargers are easily accessible
  • If you get told to evacuate in a storm, be ready to do so immediately
  • Take extra care this year following the guidance of the CDC for Covid-19. Make sure you have face masks accessible and prepare cleaning and disinfectants such as hand sanitizer and wipes

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