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Approaching flood season in

unprecedented times

Fighting a two-front battle. That is the fear many communities may face as we enter flood season in unprecedented and uncertain times.

The Flood industry is entering the riskiest months of the year, with Spring flooding underway and the hurricane seasons on the radar. As many businesses and communities are going into lockdown and self-isolation, NFS is gearing up to serve our agents and their insureds at the high service levels they have come to expect. This year we have taken extra steps to ensure we can handle whatever this flood season has in store.

Last year was one of the most severe spring flood seasons in history. And this year could be similar. According to a recent article in the WSJ, NOAA recently issued a flood forecast, which predicted moderate to major flooding in 23 states. The impact could be felt across the nation stretching as far as the Northern Plains to the Gulf Coast. The most significant areas for flood potential are in parts of North and South Dakota, and Minnesota. We have seen regional flooding already impacting up and down the Mississippi river and stretching local communities

Last year’s spring flooding

cold house flooding

$20bn estimated total flood losses

48 continental states

In 2019, NOAA warned that 2/3 of the lower 48 states were at risk of flooding

flood cost calculator

200m: Americans at risk with 14m directly impacted

2019 flooding nationwide

NOAA U.S. 2019 billion dollar weather and climate disaster map

NFS support

This year, to support our clients, their agents and their insureds, as well as Americans all over the country, NFS is putting in place a comprehensive program to prepare for flood season. We are committed to protecting the nation from the damaging impact of flood events, supporting clients and agents in their efforts to improve coverage, and delivering the best claims experience in the country to those in their hour of greatest need.

  • Readiness for flood season

    • Supporting our community through the Coronavirus
    • CAT event plans and emergency responses
  • Property coverage

    • Sales and marketing resources
    • Tracking flood trends and local impact
  • Education

    • Hurricane safety
    • Claims process

Over the coming weeks, you will hear the programs NFS is putting in place to –

1. Ensure NFS is ready to act no matter what we see this flood season
We have preparedness plans and BCPs being executed to guide us through the risks of the coronavirus and to ensure our support levels remain unchanged. Our teams are working remotely, with every team having 3 levels of back-up and providing the flexibility our teams need to support their families alongside their work. We are committed to the health, safety, and well-being of the flood community in everything we do.

2. Improve coverage against flood risk
We will be releasing tailored sales and marketing resources for the spring season and hurricane risk. We will help find the customers most at risk and get them started with a flood policy.

3. Education
Our goal is to raise awareness of the financial and emotional devastation flooding can cause o help protect the country and prevent it where possible. We will be releasing comprehensive guides to navigating flood events, hurricanes, and what to do if you suffer damages.

“We’re just praying every day that we don’t end up in a state of anarchy.”

One local mayor at the prospect of flood season and the pandemic hitting together.

NFS is committed to helping serve our communities.

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