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Hurricane Awareness Week 5/3 – Check Your Risk


This week is NOAA’s Hurricane Preparedness Week. Hurricane season is a few weeks away and millions of Americans are vulnerable to the damaging costs that major storms can bring. This year, forecasters are predicting a very active season, driven by high temperatures in the tropics, with some predicting as many as 18 named storms this year.

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Retention Campaign Landing Page


Take Charge of your Renewals Today! Renewal rates are falling as COVID-19 creates unprecedented uncertainty. Reach out to your policyholders & explain the importance of maintaining their flood policy Keep scrolling to: Register for our live retention focused webinars Watch our short-form retention video series Download our customizable agent marketing templates Manage your renewals in the coming months with our simple playbook. Download Our 1-page retention guide Missed our live, retention focused webinar? Check out the recording! Recorded May 5, 2020 Flood Insurance [...]

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How NFS is growing flood insurance


Floods are becoming more common in the United States. In an age where three-quarters of the country lives paycheck to paycheck, that means most of us are just one bad storm away from disaster.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. At NFS, we’ve dedicated ourselves to expanding flood protection for Americans around the country. Here’s our five-pronged approach for making sure more people who need flood insurance actually have it.

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7 Things Independent Agents Need to Know About Flood Insurance


As insurance agents know, the start of spring is also the start of flood season. In the coming months, your customers will face an increased risk for flooding—and if the last few years are any indication, some of that flooding could be severe, according to the National Weather Service. More generally, changing weather patterns year-round are making flood damage more common.

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Selling in a Crisis


At NFS, we are committed to serving the nation and protecting against the damaging impact of flooding.  And this year, we could be facing more severe weather.  With the impact of COVID-19 being felt across the country, NFS is dedicated to preventing further turmoil and we are supporting agents nationwide in protecting their insureds from the risk of costly flooding.  With NFIP policies taking 30 days to come into effect, now is the time to ensure policyholders at risk have coverage in place.

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