You are in a very select first group of agents nationwide across flood carriers to have access.
Flood is changing and the expectations of your policy-holders ever-increasing.  As a result we have developed an all new flood solution.
Trident is our new policy, claims and reporting platform built to protect your policyholders from the risks of tomorrow.

Exceptional, real-time customer experience

Trident was designed for your customer’s experience. It is now possible to return quotes and risk assessments in minutes, enabling you to have an informed and tailored discussion with your policyholder.

  • Fast, online quoting
  • Proprietary risk assessment
  • Quote multiple coverage options in real-time

A re-imagined agent interface

Trident creates simplicity. No more unnecessary flood complexities, unrelenting data entry and cryptic fields. In its place, a new, modern UI based on cutting edge design principles and using a guided application process and smart innovation to optimize the process at every step.

  • Smart applications optimize data entry
  • OCR for faster application process
  • Dynamic UI optimizing your workflow

Driving your business with new growth opportunities

The agency world is hectic – new customers, renewals, endorsements – and flood can be more chaotic than most. Trident provides an innovative workflow solution that helps you deliver a seamless customer experience. In one integrated view, you can now find, organize, and prioritize key activities that will benefit your policyholders and grow your business

  • Powerful workflow queues to optimize everything from marketing to claim management
  • Agent Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of activity
  • Proprietary search engine makes it easy to find any policy


Fast Online Quoting

An array of quoting options to personalize coverage

Simplified application workflow with OCR saving you time

Smart applications that optimize the application process

Powerful, streamlined workflow queues

Cloud-based for scale, speed and security

Trident Innovation: Built end-to-end with best-in-class technology

Trident was built from the ground up using the latest technology stack. It’s cloud-based for scale and security, and uses modern development techniques such as micro services and Rest APIs for flexibility and reliability. Trident also provides a modern UI that meets current customer needs as well as those of future, tech savvy, self-service customers.

Trident utilizes powerful, streamlined workflow queues to optimize everything from marketing to claim management. Unnecessary and/or confusing steps are eliminated wherever possible.

Data is the key to everything we do. Trident utilizes everything from 3rd party demographic data to historical claim data to optimize marketing, training, processing, compliance and customer experience.


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